Research professor and KRF fellow position opening for Advanced Energy Materials Lab in Dongguk Uni

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 招聘部门  Advanced Energy Materials Laboratory  招聘人数  若干
 工作地区  北京  工作性质  不限
 性别要求  不限  婚姻要求  不限
 学历要求  不限  工作经验  不限
 年龄要求  不限年龄  待遇水平  面议
 更新日期  2017-05-26  有效期至  长期有效
 Research professor and KRF fellow position opening for Advanced Energy Materials Lab in Dongguk University(South Korea)

Introduction to Dongguk University and AEML:
Dongguk university ( is located at the center of Seoul (Capital of South Korea) and the oldest university in South Korea.Advanced Energy Materials Laboratory in Dept. of Energy and Materials Engineering,Dongguk university is one of the representative research groups in battery or solar cell applications. We have very intimate connection with industry (LG chemistry, Samsung SDI, POSCO and so on), institutes and universities (MIT, UT Dallas, Uppsala University, Univ. of Wollongong, Chinese Academy of Sciences, KAIST, Seoul Nat’l Univ. and so forth). If you have interest in the interdisciplinary research related to energy materials, feel free to contact me. As proved by our recent publications, we’re trying to compete with world-best groups in this area. 

Applicant Instructions:
Interested applicants should submit the following by email to: (1) cover letter, (2) curriculum vitae, (3) statement of research interests, (4) list of at least three references. 

Preferred Background:
(1) Energy conversion & storage materials (Anode materials, Cathode materials, Solid-state electrolytes and so on for battery applications)
(2) Catalysts
(3) Fluorescence spectroscopy, Single-molecule fluorescence detection using microscope (TIRF, Confocal and so on)
(4) Scanning electrochemical microscopy
(5) The applicant who can set up his or her own apparatus will be preferred

If you would like to see the detailed introduction to our lab or research, please visit our website ( This research
professor position should be 
recontracted on two-year basis and its salary amounts to about 36 ~ 60M KRW depending on the candidate’s career. For this position, PhDs with some careers are preferred. The salary for KRF fellow will be available for fresh PhDs but it needs our 
application to Korean government. We prefers the applicant who got PhD from Chemistry, Physics, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, etc. with very competent publications.

Please grab the opportunity to enhance your research career in the heart of Asia, Seoul.  
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